New Mexico Medical Malpractice Doctor Check

As the information age continues to expand, states, including New Mexico, have begun providing more and more information regarding doctors and physician assistants.  Just as New Mexico medical malpractice clients may want to research their malpractice attorneys, so too do some patients wish to research their physicians either before or after treatment.

1088940_2_annual_reports__3 New Mexico Medical Malpractice Doctor CheckMany sates including New Mexico make such information available through their state medical boards.  In the New Mexico, the medical board provides information on New Mexico licensed doctors and physician assistants here.  One issue that states have had to deal with is how much information to provide on these sites.  The goal is to balance the public’s interest in learning about their doctors, and fairness to the doctor’s.  Clearly it would not be fair for the New Mexico medical board to post information about every disgruntled patient as this would create many unwarranted blemishes on New Mexico doctors’ records.  Similarly, it may not be transparent enough to only include records of when New Mexico doctors and physician assistants have been found by a jury to have committed malpractice.  Many states debate this issue, but in the meantime, it is nice to be aware of the New Mexico medical malpractice resources currently available.

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